Who Sang Hold Me Down? 50 Cent

50 Cent Before I Self Destruct cover art
publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
writers: A Yaasiel Davis, Curtis James Jackson, John Groover, Martin Quintin White
release date: 2009-11-9
genres: Hip Hop
styles: Gangsta/Pop Rap/Thug Rap
length: 3:19
producer: Team Ready and J. Keys
vocal: 50 Cent
mixer: Steve Baughman
recording engineer: Ky Miller
additional mixer: Samuel Kalandjian
I promise to keep you close to me you give me a sense of security
Through drama now I need you to hold me down hold me down
I need you to hold me down hold me down I need you to hold me (down)

Do ever your altercation I'll put no one above you omm omm
I love you this **** goes to my truxium
We see how they be lookin' it's frightenin' like lightnin'
We crack off they start lookin'
It's beef until I get out in brook
They want my **** out that's when I say I'm illin'
That's when I get the killin'
Now my baby she precious I warn not to test this
I am atta head ***** mutha **** the vestles
I'm man type social quit actin' like ya know me
Befo' I go postal you know I got to own me
I'm ridin' witta old cocked allay hard 8 drop
Feel the wind blow twist the indo smoke it up
It's fundamental you can get whole poke it up
When we get intimate that's when I get into ****
She 32 I'm 34 she revolve 6 times
Then I fiend her more


When *****s get the trippin'
I need you by my side so that they can't catch me slippin'
I take you out shoppin'
Get you clean git it poppin'
Use my finger get ya hot girl I know ya spot yeah I love you if you love me back
You'll never jam when I react that sucka ****
When they git hit when we take off then you'll get tossed
I want you back so I'll be back I'll never change
I'll be the same if *****s stunt I'll let it rain I'm off the chain
I'm all in man I'll hit ya up you think I'm playin'
I'll be strapped don't **** around I'll be strapped 24/7
I'm back holdin' mistake me for a chump last night
You were nearly chewed up that's more beef than you want
Come through repeatedly I'll show you what bananas
About I'm a mechanic find out when the hammers come out


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  • Album Information
    label: Aftermath Entertainment
    country(area): United States
    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin