Welcome to the Family Lyrics - A Day to Remember

A Day to Remember Homesick cover art
publisher: ©Another Victory Publishing, Peermusic Publishing
writers: Thomas H Jr Denney, Jeremy Wade Mckinnon, Alexander Thomas Shelnutt, Neil S Westfall, Joshua Steven Woodard
release date: 2009-2-3
genres: Rock Pop
styles: Metalcore/Pop Punk/Alternative Rock
We're finally home at last
I've waited for this day to come
There's just something about you that rubs me wrong
You're not worth my attention
I built this with my own two hands
If you could sever the ties and stop using me as your next misconception

[Chorus: x2]
I don't believe that everything you've known about me is gone forever
And I wont forget the days that we spent forever, it haunts me

It won't be long before you meet your end
You're nothing more than a passing frame
So keep those cameras rolling
You think I wouldn't remember?
You're just another whisper in myself
You can spare me the lies
You don't believe in me
Your life's a contradiction




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