A Life Once Lost - The Change Came Suddenly 歌詞

Can I spread frustration
Without speaking?
Without parting my lips
Except to breath?

I let my actions speak for me
Because my words
Collided with yours
It created tension and frustration

So I left
I didn't turn around to see
How troubled you were that night
I promise that it paled in comparison

To the anguish each step brought me
As I walked away
My heart pumps your rhapsody
I still lick my lips

To the thought of you
So now I'm stuck here
In the purgatory of longing
For that one kiss good-bye

I try to empty myself
Of all desire that I crave for ou
But the attempt only brings me
To my knees

I succumb to you idol
This subconscious social vampire
Who haunts every thought
I chock on the will to demand patience

Only to find myself swallowing blood

CD 1
  • 1 Surreal Atrocities
  • 2 Cavil
  • 3 The Change Came Suddenly
  • 4 Nevermore Will I Have an Understanding
  • 5 ... in Anything Under the Sun
  • 6 Maudlin
  • 7 Pious
  • 8 The Wicked Will Rot
  • 9 Overwhelming