A - Five in the Morning Lyrics

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've seen it all
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I've heard it all
J.P wants to rock
Not at five o'clock he's not
There's a medal in the kitchen
For catching early worms
Yeah, yeah, yeah you're gonna bet
Yeah, yeah you're gonna learn

Don't bother waking me at five in the morning
'Cos I don't want to know
Don't bother waking me at five in the morning
Cos I don't want to know

Stevie knows that it ain't dead, yeah
Farmer, uncle still in bed
M.A.C was born to rock
There's not a moment that he's not
'A' Communication, illin' in my sleep
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I lost count of my sheep

Don't look back (x2)
Never, never looking back
Never falling off the track
Never clocking late for work
'Cos rocking pays the bills so I don't
Need no occupation,
I don't need any sleep
Yeah, yeah, yeah I never need to set my 'Series 3''

[Chorus (x2)]

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