A.C.T - Out of Ideas Lyrics

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I guess I'm out of ideas How can it be I've got nothing to say I used to think I was good I used to say this came naturally But now there's nothing, no words, no wisdom Not even nothing about the life that I once lived This is were hours go by This piece of paper makes me feel sick I slowly start to confess I never got it, I'm just a mess I'm not ironic, I'm not sarcastic I'm not poetic nor am I good with words What's left to say? Oh, nothing to say, how cruel Who do you think you fool? You'll never get it right This is a tragic fight Can't you see? This is not what you are meant to be I start adjusting my chair I'm getting ready to write about love That was a desperate attempt My brain is blank and I stare at the wall I'm not dramatic, I'm not romantic I've got no talent, nor am I good with rhymes Come on, give up! Oh, nothing to say... (Thanks to Tukler for these lyrics)

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Truth Is Pain
  • 2 Puppeteers
  • 3 This Wonderful World
  • 4 Out of Ideas
  • 5 Hope
  • 6 Into the Unknown
  • 7 No Longer Touching Ground
  • 8 Unseless Arguments
  • 9 The Voice Within
  • 10 Polish, Reduce and Enlarge
  • 11 Call in Dead
  • 12 Silent Screams
  • 13 Introduction
  • 14 The Millionaire
  • 15 Joanna
  • 16 A Father's Love
  • 17 Memory to Flight
  • 18 The Diary
  • 19 A Wound That Won't Heal
  • 20 The Final Silence