Heaven Knows Lyrics - ABC

ABC Skyscraping cover art
publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
writers: Glenn Gregory, Keith Lowndes, Martin Fry
release date: 1997-3
genres: Electronic Rock Pop
styles: Pop Rock/Synth-pop
producer: Martin Fry and Keith Lowndes
vocal: Martin Fry
mixer: Danton Supple
recording engineer: Paul Rabiger
background vocals: Carol Kenyon and Glenn Gregory
guitar: Keith Lowndes
drum machine: Keith Lowndes
keyboard: Keith Lowndes and Glenn Gregory
composer: Keith Lowndes, Glenn Gregory, Martin Fry
lyricist: Keith Lowndes, Glenn Gregory, Martin Fry
I have tried
To make it on my own
And I have survived
But surviving is no rival
For your love

Now I know that it`s true
There is no way I can`t be
Without you
Heaven knows that it`s true
I can`t live in this world
Without you

Time you`ll find
Can change your mind
My eyes once could see
Only want now to believe
And thought we`ve tried
I think we`d better face it
A love like ours
You know you can`t replace it


Without you


I wonder if there`s one chance
It could be
You can`t live in this world
Without me
Without me

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