Adema - Vikraphone Lyrics

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Your not thinking with your mind. Youll remember well surrender gerneral fine, unspoken and uninspired. Your oreders spoken, yoru orders brocken, vikraphone! Your minds made up, vikraphone, you wont give it up,vikraphone, this is what youve got inside your vokraphone. You wont stop us, you cant stop us! Lights left blinking, turn off tonight, here's forever, arent you clever,asinine. you dont know, and you never mind, doors left open, you wont be closing vikraphone. your minds made up, vikraphone,you wont give it up,vikraphone this is what youve got inside your vikraphone. You wont stop us, you cant stop us! Hold in your hand and believe what you say, in tyhe light of the dark you will soon find your way, and its cool we can smile, hope to see you one day, no remorse, no regrets,we were lost in the way youre no foll your just you heres the truth and believe its the youth we obtain by the bonds that we breeth its all a ball and a word where the sky is out space in this freedom we live, you wont stop,us you cant stop us!

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Shoot the Arrows
  • 2 Barricades in Time
  • 3 Tornado
  • 4 Sevenfold
  • 5 Planets
  • 6 Enter the Cage
  • 7 Remember
  • 8 Chel
  • 9 Until Now
  • 10 Rise Above
  • 11 Bad Triangle
  • 12 Better Living Through Chemistry
  • 13 Refusing Consciousness
  • 14 Lift Us Up
  • 15 Vikraphone
  • 16 Estrellas