Adrian Belew - I Am What I Am Lyrics

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"Friends seen an` you that are ridin` along
In your you that are sitting at you table
I greet you with the holy word `Peace`...
For with my infinite mind I thinks constructively...
And I`m able to draw whatsaever I want into my immediate
Surroundin`...for yo` minds are my mind
And my mind is yo` mind and I`m sendin` out
My mind to you, you, an` you...
You`ve got to remain to bein` cannot be
Nobody else, it ain`t no use tryin` bein` no whirlwind
An` uh, jumpin` here an` an` playin` checkers with
Your own life, that ain`t gonna work, baby...
Now repeat these words behind me:
`I am what I am` that`s all you are...
You are what you believe you are...stretch out
So many of you all in Radioland, you`re not stretchin` out...
But I want to say one thing to you makes no
Differen` who you are, what you`re doin`, what you`re
Tryin` to do or want to do, repeat these words
`I am what I am and that`s all I what I am`...
That`s all I, look, that, that`s all I am is what I am...and I`m it
Make no differen` whether it`s in the mornin`,
The evenin`, or in the night time...
Hair breakin` out, bald`s the same thing...
You are what you believe you are
`Cause some of you all are sittin` there right now,
Amen, an` tell if you had a necktie on yo`, on now, right now,
A whirlwind would come along an` choke you to death,
That`s how bad luck some of you all in...
Some of you all in such a bad luck right now
That you couldn`t hit a barn with a baseball bat...
Some of you all in such a bad luck right now, amen,
If you was to sit down by-a-by-men, by a pond, amen,
Somethin` would come up an` stick ya`
You just in that bad a` luck...
I am what I repeat this behind me:
`I am what I am and that is all I am and I am it`...
Yes, I know what you`re sayin`...stretch out...oh, yes...stretch out"

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