Who Sang Just My Paranoia? Afroman

release date: 2004-4-20
length: 5:59
Ya know
I dun been to jail for a lot of stupid shit
and when you go to jail for a lot of stupid shit, you try not to go back
and...ya know i take percausion ya know
however, sometimes you can take too much percausion to the point where
it gets rediculious... oh man

Each day at my dope spot, i watch him as he passes by
I say to myself, he looks like the FBI
A white man like him, what is he doing over here?
i wonder, what does he want
then he asked me "you gotta light, you wanna help me smoke this blunt"

It was just my paranoia, hey heyy
runnin away with me yea
It was just my parania
runnin away

Down on my luck couldnt fine no job
id rather sell dope and rob, why squab?
I know i cant do it forever
so uh ima do it quick and clever, however
Drinkin' malt liquor, smokin endo
Two cops ran pass my window
Its a raid, uh thats what i assume
I flushed to ounces in the bathroom
I ran out the back
Before they could find me
come to find out, they raided the house behind me
yea man they went through my back yard
hopped over the fence..anyway

It was just my paranoia, hey heyy
runnin away with me yea
It was just my parania
runnin away

Im tellin you man, your paranoia can get to you
i remember i use to trip everything, know what ima sayin
I'd be chillin wit the hom...we'd be goin off man
you know what i hate though
i hate them late model cars dawg on it
look like vice wit all those attenas on it
paranoid, i use to sell yale man
trippin on the telephone and the mail man
Treat custom mugs like compulsive liars
raise they shirt and check for wires
I got a little money, but i need a little more
dam, somebody's knockin at my front door
some guy in a shirt and tie
is it homacide or FBI
does he have a warrent for Joseph Foreman?
oh your a moreman?

It was just my paranoia, hey heyy
runnin away with me yea
It was just my parania
runnin away

hey man, you know where my paranoia really get me at man?
when im walkin through the mall or shoppin
everybody be lookin like undercovers cause they be starin
and i dont be knowin, ya know what im sayin
I hate sellin dope, i think about stoppin
Undercover cops follow me while im shoppin
Trackin me, wit a hidden camera
plottin to through me back in the slamma
they think i dont see em
but yes i do, they some haters
actin like they pickin tomatas
im ready, for a quick decision
keep em, im my perifial vision
i see em in the airport, plain and clear
street clothes with that little wire in they ear
they rush me, shake my hand
im your biggest fan
sign this for me Afroman

(chorus x2)
It was just my paranoia, hey heyy
runnin away with me yea
It was just my parania
runnin away

ya know, i wrote a hit song
"because i got high"
sign with universal
now my bank accounts drivin
Universal Records year man
took my money like enron
broken along, things got hard
however, it brought me close to god
i changed my life and became a christian
singer, rapper and musician
ive been high, ive been low
ive been rich, ive been poor
ive been right, ive been wrong
since i been wit god, my paranoia's gone

(new chorus x2 fades)
No more paranoia hey hey
runnin away wit me yea
i have no more paranoia
runnin away

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