Who Sang White Girlz? Afroman

Afroman Drunk 'N' High cover art
release date: 2006-6-27
genres: Hip Hop
length: 6:06
alright what happened to that blunt?
this fool right here,(baby) you got it?the blunt? yeaaah (baby)
yeaaah turn that shit up, break it down

-When i was a little boy
wonderwoman i did enjoy
the big fat titties on that broad
made something in my long johns get real hard
-Somethin about the sounthern accent on Daisy
used to drive me f***ing crazy
'Uncle Jesse, Uncle Jesse'
In the back of the house getting messy
-Blanch, (blanch) The Golden Girl(Golden Girl)
If i had a chance i'd rock her world
she's o, but she's a winner
o yeah,she still has a couple more f***s left in her
-I'll set them nipples on fire
cash that pussy before it expires
Had a job, got fired by the corpoate world
I was sexually harrasin the working girl

We like white girls
Thats why we singing right there
(burp)that's right
We like white girls

My first white girl, was michelle
broke up with me, cuz i'm black as hell
My second White girl was Valerie (Valerie?)
She liked every black man she see.
My third white girl her name was Brooke
Naked in the middle of the hustler book
Had enough If i can't f*** her, damn sure gonna look

P-dale High, back of the class
looking at my teachers jiggling ass
she was writing on the board it was wiggling fast
with the class everyday, i still didn't pass

Now i'm into hippie girls,
Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi girls
There ain't no crime to smoke a dime,
Gettin the pussy and the weed at the same time

We like white girls
(talking jive)
We like white girls
(more jive)

Met this girl her name is Tina
Sucked my dick first time i seen her
Tina is a biseuxal,
Man or woman she's flexible
Tina had a dyke her name was keeda
Keeda, Keeda Keeda the pussy eata
Keeda could rub, keeda could lick,
Keeda left town ridin on my dick
Just like this girl named Holly Veck
25 hickies on her neck
She's white, she's rich, she's Miss high class
she lets me rub all on that ass
My sweethart her name is Chevy
though heavy set she's light as a feather
shes a happy, positive human being
plus shes got the biggest titties i've ever seen

We like white girls
(talking jive)
We like white girls
(more jive)

Chillin in the halls of Palmdale high
Watchin all the white girls walking by
Rich white boys with ugly glasses
didn't like woman with real big asses
Thick white girls, who's f***ing fine
No competition, they were all mine
Everyday, i was late for class
Cuz i was rubbin some girl all on her ass

Fine white girl in Palmdale
She went to college i went to jail
Pants got checked up by a white lady cop
When my thing popped up you don't stop (boing)

sittin in Jail with my hustler book
Sex is a drug and yes i'm hooked
On pretty white woman doing kinky things
oo ooo the joy it brings

We like white girls
(talking jive)
We like white girls
(more jive)

I got released from the county jail
walkin down the street broke as hell
no longer a cool fool from high school
i'm a jerk off (jerk off) wipin drool
Looking at a hoe on page numba foe
My new white girl the porno sto
So sweet made some cheese
bought magazines and dvds
watch her lick that dildo
slide it in her pussy real slow
She's pregnant, but she don't care
squirtin that breast milk everywhere
turn the page, more freaks
spreadin their vaginas and butt cheeks
there she go, ms.please
finger up her ass lickin on her tit

We like white girls
(talking jive)
We like white girls
(more jive)

you want me to sign her ass?
o sign her tittie?sign both titties?

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  • 2 Husler Man
  • 3 Gotta Stop Drinkin
  • 4 I Live in a Van
  • 5 Keep It Movin
  • 6 Front n Back
  • 7 3 Wheelin
  • 8 Drinkin on the Sidewalk
  • 9 Turn Up the Volume Knob
  • 10 I Refuse
  • 11 Scrollin Thru My Bitches
  • 12 White Girlz
  • 13 Feel Alright
  • 14 Drunk'n'high
  • 15 Cracchouse

  • Album Information
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin