After the Fire - Pilgrim Lyrics

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Narrator One day as I lay down to rest In a den for my safe keeping I closed my eyelids for the best And I quickly fell to sleeping Was then I had the strangest dream Which I shall now forthtell All of a man who lived in fear For the thought of going to hell! I saw him reading from a book And his legs they were a-shaking The more he read the more he shook Till I knew his heart was breaking But I could not ask why he wept so As I said, I was only dreaming But I'm sure that for some means of escape Was the way his mind was scheming He looked around this way and that As if to make a run But the burden that was on his back It surely weighed him down And as he wept he cried out "What must I do to be saved, And to stop this burden from dragging me down Even further than the grave?" Evangelist Head over there, you'll find a gate Keep the light in your eye That is the way of your escape That is the way you must... Head over there, you'll find a gate Keep the light in your eye That is the way of your esc
ape That is the way you must ... fly Pilgrim So I journeyed as a pilgrim Never to return Many dangers lay before me Lessons I must learn Up the highway of salvation My burden there I lost Fell away and rolled right from me When I saw the cross Then on an on I bravely went Through the "Valley of Humiliation" Was there I fought for my life With the one that I used to serve Then the "Valley of the Shadow of Death" it hung over me I never thought that I'd see the light of day again Then I found a friend, oh what a friend We travelled together Till at "Vanity Fair" they

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Dance of the Marionette
  • 2 Back to the Light
  • 3 Now That I've Found
  • 4 Signs of Change
  • 5 Jigs
  • 6 Pilgrim
  • 7 Samaritan Woman
  • 8 Dream Away
  • 9 Hallelujah
  • 10 Back to the Light (demo)