Who Sang Someone? Air Supply

Air Supply News From Nowhere cover art
writers: Graham Russell, Guy Allison
release date: 1995-4-11
genres: Rock Pop
styles: Soft Rock/Ballad
length: 5:13
producer: Graham Russell
piano: Guy Allison
vocal: Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell
mixer: Alejandro Rodriguez
engineer: Alejandro Rodriguez
bass: Larry Antonino
acoustic guitar: Graham Russell
percussion: Paulinho da Costa
additional: Michael Sherwood
additional percussion: Mark T. Williams
electric guitar: Michael Thompson
keyboard: Guy Allison
membranophone: Guy Allison
other instruments: Mark T. Williams
writer: Graham Russell, Guy Allison
When you first found love
Was it all that you had wanted
For a thousand lonely years
Was the memory so sweet
Now your scented touch
Brings me back to the enchanted
The shadows fade away
The gypsy is complete

Someone is walking beside me
Someone is waiting till I say yes I do
Someone is living inside me
Giving me all that I need and I need you

Someone to cry on my shoulder
I want you to stay here forever

From the secret pool
Did I stare at your reflection
Let the water wash away
All the battle from my soul
For the bridge of spring
Do I swear to your protection
Today will be the day
That never shall grow old


Someone to cry on my shoulder
I want you to stay here forever

Silence broken and the blackbird is free
Only your voice can I hear speak to me


CD 1
  • 1 Someone
  • 2 Just Between the Lines
  • 3 Heart of the Rose
  • 4 Unchained Melody
  • 5 Feel for Your Love
  • 6 News From Nowhere
  • 7 Always
  • 8 Can't Stop the Rain
  • 9 Primitive Man
  • 10 Spirit of Love
  • 11 I Know You Better Than You Think