Why Trust You Lyrics - Alice Cooper

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publisher: ©EMI Music Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
writers: Alice Cooper, Desmond Child
release date: 1989-7-25
genres: Rock
styles: Goth Rock/Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
length: 3:13
producer: Desmond Child
lead vocals: Alice Cooper
mixer: Michael Barbiero and Steve Thompson
recording engineer: Arthur Payson
background vocals: Desmond Child, Maria Vidal, Myriam Valle, Diana Grasselli, Joe Turano, Jamie Sever, Jango, Hugh McDonald, Stiv Bators, Michael Anthony, Tom Teeley, Alan St. Jon, Louis Merlino and Bernie Shanahan
guitar: John McCurry
additional keyboard: Gregg Mangiafico and Paul Chiten
keyboard: Alan St. Jon
drums (drum set): Bobby Chouinard
bass guitar: Hugh McDonald
additional guitar: Guy Mann‚ÄźDude
synthesizer programming: Steve Deutsch
assistant engineer: Brian Sterber, Lolly Grodner, Robert Hart, Duane Seykora, John Herman, George Cowan, Ben Fowler, Mark Tanzer and Don Peterkofsky
additional other instruments: Gregg Mangiafico
writer: Alice Cooper, Desmond Child
You come on strong with a great big smile
But your teeth are as sharp as a crocodile
You promised me the moon and the stars and the sun
But you never did nothin' for anyone
Can't look me in the face or straight in the eye
I'd buy the movie rights to your alibi
I wonder how low you will go
I wonder how high your head will blow
You're a psychopathic liar
Your soul is on fire
You're bluffin' with nuthin' while the stakes are gettin' higher

Why trust you
You never made a dream come true
Why trust you
Give me one good reason, one good reason why

Well, you come to me all teary-eyed
With your big tall tale way up in the sky
Begging on your knees for another chance
But everybody knows that's a song and a dance
Yeah, there used to be a time when you were the best
You had the fastest tongue in the west
Ya gave a look and a line like nobody else
You'd try to sell the Bible to the Devil himself
You sadistic little liar
You're walkin' on the wire
You're bluffin' up with nothin'
And the bills are gettin' higher

Why trust you
You never made a dream come true
Why trust you
Give me one good reason, one good reason
Why trust you

The noose is getting tighter
Your face is turning whiter
You can stuff it up your muffin and go stick it in the fire

(Why trust you)
Why trust you
(You never made a dream come true )
You never never never made a dream.. come true
(Why trust you, give me one good reason, one good reason)
You stinkin' little liar baby you should tell, your pants on fire
(Why trust you, you never made a dream come true )
Why trust you.... You better spit out what you mean...
(Why trust you, give me one good reason, one good reason )
Come clean.... You're acting like an adict with a holy holy automatic
Why trust you (why trust you)
I'm through (Why trust you)
I'm gone (Why trust you)
Into the next song (Why trust you)
Why trust you?

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