Alice in Wonderland - The Caucus Race Lyrics

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Every body take your place
Before we start our caucus race
With your wings and feet and fins
Soon the race begins
Donkey and elephant in the race
They like to race and try again
When you here that sneeze and cough
Their off
Their off?
Their off

Forward backward inwards outwards bottom to the top
There's no difference where you run
as long as you don't stop
Never any finish line
You might where out your shoes
But when the race is over no one ever seems to lose
Prizes Prizes Prizes

Forward backward inwards outwards bottom to the top
Never a beginning
There can never be a stop
To skipping ill be tripping running fancy free and gay
I started tomorrow but will finish yesterday

Round and round and round we go until forever more
Once we were behind but now we find we are be
forward backward in wards out wards come and join the chase
What could be more dryer than a jolly caucus
jolly caucus
Jolly caucus
Jolly caucus race.