Amanda Perez - Make Me feel Lyrics

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Yeah, oh you make me feel, you make me feel good inside
You look into my eyes, I always try to hide my tears, but you always see my cries, you always see my cries
Just one kiss on my lips, if this is love I know this is definitely it
Oh this is definitely it

You make me feel like I need to be loving you, holding, feelin' you next to me, you make me feel so secure, your love is so pure, it makes me feel like I need more
It makes me feel so safe, I could never let no one come and take your place, you make me feel, you make me feel

Sunshine you're finally shining over me, unconditional love I finally see
See a world with a whole new place, I see his love and it is written all over his face
This has got to be real, 'cause you make me feel


Sometimes I sit and think about what my life would be with you
Without love and affection,without you my life has no direction
Direction to stay on my feet, without your love my life has no meaning
If you were gone, I would be so alone


Track Listing
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