Amy Macdonald - Mr Rock & Roll 歌詞

So called Mr Rock And Roll
Is dancing on his own again
Talking on his phone again
To someone who tells him that his balance is low
He's got no where to go
He's on his own again

Rock chick of the century
Is acting like she used to be
Dancing like there's no one there
Before she never seemed to care
Now she wouldn't dare
It's so rock and roll to be alone

And they'll meet one day
Far away
And say "I wish I was something more"
And they'll meet one day
Far away
And say " I wish I knew you, I wish I knew you before"

Mrs Black and White
She's never seen a shade of gray
Always something on her mind
Every single day
But now she's lost her way
And where does she go from here

Mr Multicultural
Sees all that one can see
He's living proof of someone
Very different to me
But now he wants to be free
Free so he can see


He says "I wish I knew you, I wish I met you
When time was still on my side"
She'll say " I wish I knew you, I wish I loved you
Before I was his bride"

And so they must depart
Too many more are broken hearts
But I've seen that all before
In TV, books and film and more
And there's a happy ending
Every single day


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