Who Sang The Silent Enigma? Anathema

Anathema The Silent Enigma cover art
publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Daniel Cavanagh, Duncan John Patterson, John James Douglas, Vincent Cavanagh
release date: 1995-8-17
genres: Rock
styles: Death Metal/Doom Metal
length: 4:25
producer: Anathema
vocal: Vincent Cavanagh
mixer: Mags
engineer: Kevin Ridley
percussion: John Douglas
bass guitar: Duncan Patterson
executive producer: Paul Halmshaw
orchestrator: Danny Cavanagh
drums (drum set): John Douglas
guitar: Vincent Cavanagh and Danny Cavanagh
writer: Anathema
In dreamland grandeur
I held mesmerised peace
Innocence breathed again

A mind's escape
Leave walls of tears behind
Ethereal vision haunting still...
The solitude left me blind

Beneath an open sky
Sibilant cries of youth dying
Enslave me with grief

A moonlit era, oblivion's twilight kiss
Wishes in lament
Happiness in a broken vision

Utopia still unborn...

Tormented echoes of a fallen Eden
I longed for her beauty
Yet from dust, she returned
The dream, an enigma... silent

CD 1
  • 1 Restless Oblivion
  • 2 Shroud of Frost
  • 3 ...Alone
  • 4 Sunset of Age
  • 5 Nocturnal Emission
  • 6 Cerulean Twilight
  • 7 The Silent Enigma
  • 8 A Dying Wish
  • 9 Black Orchid