Who Sang Scream Your Heart Out? Angra

Angra Aurora Consurgens cover art
release date: 2006-10-24
genres: Rock
styles: Heavy Metal
length: 4:26
keyboard: Kiko Loureiro
keyboard arranger: Kiko Loureiro
composer: Kiko Loureiro
orchestrator: Kiko Loureiro
lyricist: Kiko Loureiro
Shaken out of liquid dreams you're under
The hellfire-red, insane nightmares
Is coming back inside
Patiently you walk again
Through the lane of a sandman's pain
Inner urge, tough beliefs
Is the way to a land of free

Howling strong
Shouting loud
The fear should be cast out now!

Awoken from a eternal sleep
You're trembling
In deadly black
With painful eyes
Delusion is back inside

Cry for more
To be sure
And find your own real truth

Let your heart out, put your soul in it!
Time to fly away and let your mind go free
No denying what this life should give
From mistakes you learn to forgive

Scream your heart out! Dig your soul in it
Time to fly again and let your mind go free

No denying what this life should give
Building dreams of your hope is the key
Feel the truth of your heart to relief
From your dreams you will learn how to live!

CD 1
  • 1 The Course of Nature
  • 2 The Voice Commanding You
  • 3 Ego Painted Grey
  • 4 Breaking Ties
  • 5 Salvation: Suicide
  • 6 Window to Nowhere
  • 7 So Near So Far
  • 8 Passing By
  • 9 Scream Your Heart Out
  • 10 Abandoned Fate