Antique - Time To Say Good Bye (Alli Mia Fora) Lyrics

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When I think about your empty promises
All the lies you said to me about you
Makes it easier for me to realise
That I'm better off living without you

I will tell you once
I will tell you twice
You have got a heart as cold as ice
I've got nothing left tears are running dry
I believe it's time to say goodbye

All the sleepless night that I have wasted
Trying to find a reason to forgive you
And after all the things that you have said and never done
How do you expect me to believe you


Y'Allh mia fora,
Prepi na sou po,
Po ste' ephtani na se symphoro
A Thelis kai gyo,
Na ma ste kala,
Ma the prote se nia, n'Maghapas


Track Listing
  • 1 Moro mou (My Baby)
  • 2 List of Lovers
  • 3 Ela 'do (Come to Me)
  • 4 Matia mou (Where Are You)
  • 5 Time to Say Good Bye (Alli mia fora)
  • 6 Welcome to My World
  • 7 Why (feat. Slavi Trifonov & Ku Ku Band)
  • 8 Lonely Nights
  • 9 Something About You

  • Album Information
    script: Latin