Who Sang Destined for Doom? Anvil

Anvil Plugged in Permanent cover art
release date: 1996-5-15
genres: Rock
styles: Heavy Metal
length: 5:17
producer: Anvil
membranophone: Robb Reiner
lead vocals: Steve “Lips” Kudlow
guitar: Steve “Lips” Kudlow and Ivan Hurd
bass guitar: Mike Duncan
You say we're living in the land of the free
The price is poison for the earth and the sea
Liberty and justice are the American way
But there's crime in the streets where the children play

All are equal in the eyes of God
Police brutality makes law a fraud
Martin Luther had a great dream
But his death was senseless, tragic, obscene

Destined destined
Are we destined for doom
Destined destined
Making our tomb

You know the answers lays within
Give good a chance to win
It is the land of the free
Ain't no place that I'd rather be

E pluribus unum in God we trust
Then why are we living in greed and lust
We have our freedom, freedom of speech
But then again who am I to preach

Destined for doom
Destined for doom

CD 1
  • 1 Racial Hostility
  • 2 Doctor Kevorkian
  • 3 Smokin’ Green
  • 4 Destined for Doom
  • 5 Killer Hill
  • 6 Face Pull
  • 7 I’m Trying to Sleep
  • 8 Five Knuckle Shuffle
  • 9 Truth or Consequence
  • 10 Guilty

  • Album Information
    label: Massacre Records
    country(area): Germany
    format: CD
    barcode: 4013971100989
    script: Latin