Who Sang Atari Teenage Riot? Atari Teenage Riot

Atari Teenage Riot 1995 cover art
writers: Alec Empire, Alexander Wilke, Carl Crack
release date: 1995-2-27
genres: Electronic
styles: Hardcore/Breakcore
length: 3:36
producer: Alec Empire
co engineer: Janek Siegele
composer: Carl Crack, Alec Empire
lyricist: Alec Empire, Carl Crack
Are you ready?
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After west German takeover Berlin youth were just getting used to
Their new found freedoms:
House, drugs, squats denied despite food and money shortages
Since perestroika planet Soviet Union has changed,
There's a new world in which young people can work together
Come on - let's work together
The most famous suckers are Elvis Presley, James Dean
And the most photographed universally known of them all:
Marilyn Monroe
But the times are changing, and you'll see that the
Last chance will be an
Atari teenage riot

Atari teenage riot
What did you say? what did you say? what did you say?
Atari teenage riot!

There won't be any experts there to say
You should do this
You should do that
I don't care what anyone does to our records
I just don't want to be looking at it
I don't want to punish people, I want to punish myself
As much as well with the music I think that's part of the reason
But anyway, the last chance will be an Atari Teenage Riot

Atari teenage riot
What did you say? what did you say? what did you say?
Atari teenage riot!

Power for those who can **** it
Freedom for those who can find it
Sex for those who can buy it
Television today never lies

What did you say?
Atari teenage riot!

CD 1
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  • 3 Raverbashing
  • 4 Speed
  • 5 Sex
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  • 8 Hetzjagd auf Nazis! (Live in Berlin 25.2.1994)
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  • 10 Atari Teenage Riot
  • 11 Kids Are United!
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