Atmosphere - Multiples (reprise) 歌詞

My after word analysis was the average made me anxious
but I began to breathe the substances these bugs gave me brainsist
somehow I caught a cluster of clay, now everyday is christmas
don’t you dabble with my destiny peasant please keep your distance
every man that escalates is easily erased and
your faculty is a fallacy to my family, that’s to your face
I grate the gravel and grass to dig graves for gremlins
but they’ve had it up to here with how many I’ve sent to heaven
I indeed not indifferent to the spirit of Ism
every Jones is justifiable just read it in my schism
the killers keep the kilos in the kitchen while the kids nap
but I lost love for larceny from the impact of the lid slap
motivation made into the net of the mics mesh
you never even noticed the novice was holding niceness
over and over the observations had to open me
Peripheral vision and bitch control to prove the potency
you’re quite a quest, but let me quiz you with a question
did you read the rest and did you reach a point of reference?
See now it’s simple call me son I’ll refer to you as suricate
the turn tables turn because you were tugging on its tunicate
underwent the upset and made your whole unit urine
In the vents sprayed a variety of verbs on the vermin
the weasels weaknesses was wreak on a Wednesday
X marks the xenon be the xenolith on my X ray
Yesterday you saw me spool my yarn to the youth
Zig-zaged through the zone and broke the zodiac like Zeus(x2)
Zig-zaged through the zone, and fucked your microphone

CD 1
  • 1 1597
  • 2 Brief Description
  • 3 Current Status
  • 4 Complications
  • 5 4:30 AM
  • 6 Adjust
  • 7 Clay
  • 8 @
  • 9 Sound Is Vibration
  • 10 Multiples
  • 11 Scapegoat
  • 12 Ode to the Modern Man (Lightning Blend)
  • 13 WND
  • 14 Multiples (reprise)
  • 15 Caved In
  • 16 Cuando Limpia El Humo
  • 17 The Outernet
  • 18 Primer / [untitled]