B-Legit - It's in the Game Lyrics

publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Bosco A. Kante, Brandt Jones
release date:
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genres: Hip Hop
styles: Gangsta
It's in the game!

It's in the game!

Two to fo months on federal hold
I been good, can't believe the game is cold
Somebody told, that I couldn't handle my floss
Across the bay snitches tryin to shake **** off
I made a call to my lawyer, one to my *****
Two *****s stuck and we start to sit
Case hella weak, got to dismiss ****
I threw the words with the fish like swiiiss
I only dealt on y'all 'cause i had some warrants
Tell you to a player on some tickets and toys
I never had a bad case, check my fat on that
I spend a rap, I bet my lawyer peeped that bat
I rap, 'cause my mouthpiece the best
Then I let a ***** out on house arrest
I break from the game, got a ***** change
**** will never change it's in the game

[Chorus 2x]
It's in the game!
It's in the game, ghetto stars, cars, cocaine
When hustlers slang, some *****s bang, it's everythang
Weed, hoes, speed, hop, greed, snitches bleed so what you you need
It's in the game!
It's in the game!

I'm a savage about mine for real tho
Kick a ***** in the mouth with my steel toe
Say wussup to my *****s off the Filmore
Scooty G, Prop D, and Young ill hoe
On a mac block **** to get *****s the fame
be 's got the blunt and Twins got the game
It's no cool aid just indo
Watch a ***** get naked for the kindo
I bounce outta there, make my way cross town
**** hard, finsta go knock **** down
I'm commin through now, 'cause I'm affiliated
I'm bout' to **** n' get out n' leave uritaded
I was player hated, ***** heard me speak
Put a note in my pocket said you had me weak
Hit 3rd street n' run in the same
Hella n' fame, it's in the game

[Chorus 2x]

In my last run, bout' to close up shop
Got *****es in a rental holding keys to hop, but me I'm nonstop
I catch the red eye and when my hoe touch down
I be a mo' ti'
I'm in a suit top, lookin business like
On my lap top ****in' with the web site
Email La tell em' hold up
I got good **** commin' fista blow it up
Keep my mouth shut, never tell my raps
And *****s pay me double when they know it's a (??)
And fo' a coo amount, we can take em' off
Have yo *****s meet mine at the shoping mall
We ain't takin falls, got balls of steel
Takin hits, see these (??) (??) get killed
It's real, ****in' appeal, I aim
If I'm shoot in the brain, it's in the game

[Chorus 2x]