B.G. - True Story Lyrics

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[Mr. Ivan]

Right now we got a lil' youngsta
Lil' Doogie, from the B.G.'z
Do what'cha gotta do mane
Say what'cha gotta say Wayne

[Lil' Wayne]
The rhymes you are about to hear are true

[Mr. Ivan]
This some true ****.

[First Verse-B.G.]

Shoulda killed you *****es when we heard that song
Tipped it on, talkin' bout 6th & Baronne
When the ****in' lights on up early in the mornin' ,
All that mutha****in' creepin'
Pissin' on the set when a ***** Dee, sleepin'
***** ***
You know you can't survive,
You was creepin' through that third, you must don't know it's do or die
Now that ***** on my list
A P-poppin' ***** no disresp
P-Poppin' ***** no disresp
P-poppin', P-Poppin', P-Poppin' ***** no disrespect to the tenth
But there's a ***** in your face and they can suck and ****
Ridin' and slidin' with all that workin' and twerkin'
You can't be no "G", 'cause a "G" not down wit jerkin'
Them *****s always comin' with that play,
You want some real drama, why don't you bring that **** our way?
'cause I'm a Baby Gangsta down for that street funk,
Stuntin' in a concert, take it to the ****in' trunk
Talkin' all that bullshit, talkin' all that **** on wax,
Talkin' all that yak-yak, but I'ma split your cool-Aid pack *****
I got my pistol close at hand, this for the REAL,
Real pussies in the can

[Bridge One-Lil Wayne/Mr. Ivan]

The rhymes you are about to hear are true.
This some true ****.

[Verse Two-B.G.]

Chuck ****in' them *****s at niggggggggggght
They doin' bad and slangin' rhymes at the same time, ain't lyin'!
Now this ***** is a mutha****in' **** beater
Heard at Corn(?) he was a mutha****in' cheerleader
****in' wit a B.G., best believe you will get served
I'ma leavin' ya mutha****in' thinking cap on the curb
Chuck got some mail? 'cause oh yes, I'm comin' to get'cha
And if I don't get 20 G's I'ma split'cha,
I'm a murderer, server, ***** come try to test
Had to put'em to rest, no vest but one to the chest
But uh, you know you done ****ed up don't cha?
Like Yella said, you mad 'cause Ca$h Money didn't want'cha
Let's move across that water strapped with that A.K.
They got some wannabe crips, wanna bang, go to L.A.
Now you can claim, the East, North, West, or South
Mystikal fool, you can pump this **** right in your mouth
Them *****s be rappin', very much trippin'
Talkin' all that nonsense, slippin' talkin' bout they be crippin'
But it's like this, watch out before you get bucked
I'm tellin' coward *** *****s to raise up, raise up, raise up

[Third Verse-B.G.]

At first he was a cheerleader now he ain't that ***** to **** wit
That goes to show you studio yeah that ***** buck quick
You duck sick when I catch'cha, you best to start to runnin',
'cause I'm comin', start duckin', 'cause I'm bustin', and pluckin'
**** it
Chuck, you big trick, you hoe *****,
Puttin' stank hoes in apartments and ****
And ummm, them *****s who help you get the money you straight **** EM
When check time come, they gets nothin', you pluck em
And y'all hoes for lettin' him take it,
Hard rolled and fake it,
*****s best to look like skatin'
Now back to this mutha****in' Mystikal *****
You wanna jump on a ***** like a morphodyke come jump on the ****
That's enough of this hoe **** on the real
If you don't spit "G" **** with skillz you can't pay bills I make mils
I close the shop for them *****s wanna shine
Sign on my nine when I put it on your mind into your spine
Don't whine, *****s can't handle me not hard
I'm the ***** who came to **** up the party
When I catch'cha I'ma kill ya don't worry,
This is another part of that ****in' true story

[4th Verse-B.G.]

Partners you bet not do no crime,
Get no time and go to JAIL
'cause in that two man cell, best believe you gone get NAILED
Mystikal you'z a hoe, it's time I Iet'cha know
Y'all ain't ready for Local five, got a boot camp fulla hoes
I'm gat totin', ready to leave your heart open
Bullets floatin', hot nine chambers smokin'
Uptown, ya bound to get y'all wig split
Y'all represent a 17th set that don't even exist
Now that's a shame, you reppin' just to get a name
You can't survive in this game 'cause you *****s lame
I'm ready to take it to some "G" ****, street ****
Where caps get peeled, and wigs bound to get split
I'm off Valence, ain't no doubt this B.G. ain't real
I'm bout to *hic* hiccup some bullets out my ****in' steel
Peel, make *****s kneel, bow down
From this clown that's gonna put you six in the ground.
It's time a ***** put Big Boy where the **** they belong
Rollin' wit Tec-9 best believe it's on
Raise up, raise up, raise up, raise up, raise up

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 True Story
  • 2 Get on My Feet
  • 3 Start n tha Game
  • 4 From tha 13th to tha 17th
  • 5 Hood Took Me Under
  • 6 Down for My Stacks
  • 7 Thrill BG
  • 8 Fuck Big Boy