B.G. - My Son and Daughter Lyrics

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release date: 2003-2-25
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genres: Hip Hop
styles: Thug Rap
length: 4:32
[B.G.] (talking)
Wassup, Uh Huh
This one here for my lil' queen
And my lil' king, ya heard me
Lil' Christopher and lil' Christiane, ya know
Look man (mumbling)
My two fa-shiggity, ya understand
And everything else is like
They all, ya know, impossible, ya heard me
I love my children ya heard me
My children love me, yes they do
I could never be no dead-beat, ya understand
Never be no part time, never, never, believe that

[Verse 1]
Now my son
He aint three years yet
Ooo he could walk and he could talk a lil' bit
But I bet when he get to that stage I'll tell him
Don’t be like daddy, fuck up, become a young convicted felon
Go to school, get an education, say no to drugs
Still be a smart hot boy and lil' thug
Fuck bitches, be 'bout money and duck snitches
Don't let nothing come between you and your riches
Respect momma, listen to everything that she says
It's guaranteed to pay off on judgement day
Believe as long as I breathe, uh, I'm here for you
To tell the truth I dont want you to go through what I went through
My daddy got killed, on me when I was twelve
Fell victim to the game and gave grandma hell
Back forth in jail, stealing cars and shit
Smoking 'gars and shit, bothering by the laws and shit
But uh, believe I'll teach you another route
Watch how good everything turn out

For lil' Christopher, I'll go out my way
And for Christiane, I'll go out my way
For my son and my daughter, I'll go out my way
I'll give my life for 'em both any time, any day
For my lil' nigga, I'll go out my way
And for my lil' princess, I'll go out my way
For my son and my daughter, I'll go out my way
I'll give my life for 'em both, any time, any day

[Verse 2]
Now my daughter
She so pretty and so smart
I'll take her to the park, she ride her Barbie car
She say daddy I love ya
I say I love you too
I miss my lil' angel, tell me whatcha wanna do
We can go see a movie, go to Chucky E. Cheese
Anything and anywhere ya wanna go, that's on me
Always count on me, if not, then wait for it
Dont let a nigga make ya take off ya skirt for it
Dont let a nigga make ya take off ya shirt for it
Don't do nothing you'll end up getting your feelings hurt for it
This just game
And it's coming from me to you
I'll never tell you nothing wrong
This here from me to you
It ain't nothing you can't have in this world
I'mma protect ya till i'm gone, you're daddy's lil girl


[B.G. and Little Christopher talking]

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