Who Sang Don't Leave Me Now (Re-Recorded 2010)? Bad Boys Blue

Bad Boys Blue 25 (25th Anniversary Album) cover art
release date:
length: 4:16
What have I done?
I feel my world is falling apart
What can I do to find a way to your heart?
What have I done?
I feel abandoned and so alone
I'm on my own. What have I done to you?
Why do you treat me so cruel?
I'm down and out. And so full of doubt
'Cause I was given my heart
You're gonna break it in two
So what can I do. It isn't right
You'd better make up your mind

Don't leave me now. Don't go
Don't you run away. One day you'll find
We're two of a kind
Don't leave me now. Baby
Don't go throw my love away
Want you to stay. What more can I say? Oh baby!
Don't leave me now
Don't leave me now

What have I done?
There is no answer inside your eyes
What can I do?
Is every smile just a lie?
What have I done?
I thought that loving you was right. But now I find
What have I done to you
I feel that I'm losing you
Don't let it die, we've gotta try
Just once again for a while
'Cause baby it's up to you. So what can I do?
And who's gonna care whenever I'm not there?

CD 1
  • 1 Come Back and Stay (Re-Recorded 2010)
  • 2 Lady in Black (Re-Recorded 2010)
  • 3 Queen of Hearts (Re-Recorded 2010)
  • 4 When Our Love Was Young (Re-Recorded 2010)
  • 5 Lovers in the Sand (Re-Recorded 2010)
  • 6 Don't Leave Me Now (Re-Recorded 2010)
  • 7 I Totally Miss You (Re-Recorded 2010)
  • 8 A Train to Nowhere (Re-Recorded 2010)
  • 9 A World Without You (Michelle) (Re-Recorded 2010)
  • 10 You're a Woman (Re-Recorded 2010)
  • 11 I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Sunday Girl) (Re-Recorded 2010)
  • 12 Don't Walk Away, Suzanne (Re-Recorded 2010)
  • 13 Hungry for Love (Re-Recorded 2010)
  • 14 Save Your Love (Re-Recorded 2010)
  • 15 Baby Blue (Re-Recorded 2010)
  • 16 Still in Love 2010 (acoustic vocal mix)
    CD 2
  • 1 Gimme Gimme Your Lovin' (Re-Recorded 2010)
  • 2 Kisses and Tears (My One and Only) (Re-Recorded 2010)
  • 3 Hold You in My Arms (Re-Recorded 2010)
  • 4 From Heart to Heart (Re-Recorded 2010)
  • 5 Pretty Young Girl (Re-Recorded 2010)
  • 6 House of Silence (Re-Recorded 2010)
  • 7 I Don't Know Her Name (Re-Recorded 2010)
  • 8 I'm Not a Fool (Re-Recorded 2010)
  • 9 Heart of Midnight (Re-Recorded 2010)
  • 10 Lonely Weekend (Re-Recorded 2010)
  • 11 Gimme Gimme Your Lovin' (Little Lady) 2010 (Alex Twister edit)
  • 12 A Train to Nowhere 2010 (Andy Matern edit)
  • 13 You're a Woman 2010 (MS Project remix edit)
  • 14 A World Without You (Michelle) 2010 (Hideout mix)
  • 15 Pretty Young Girl 2010 (Alex Twister edit)
  • 16 Come Back and Stay 2010 (MS Project remix edit)

  • Album Information
    label: EQ Music
    format: CD
    script: Latin