Dreams in the Dark Lyrics - Badlands

Badlands Badlands cover art
publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Jake E. Lee, Paul Oneill, Ray Gillen
release date: 1989-5-23
genres: Folk, World, & Country
styles: Blues Rock/Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
length: 3:30
producer: Paul O’Neill and Badlands
membranophone: Eric Singer
lead vocals: Ray Gillen
mixer: David Thoener and James A. Ball
engineer: James A. Ball
guitar: Jake E. Lee
keyboard: Jake E. Lee
bass guitar: Greg Chaisson
writer: Ray Gillen, Jake E. Lee
I remember you, baby
Like a sweet summer song
Said you'd love me forever
Nothing could ever go wrong
Time's gone by
I'm just a memory scarred
I'm lost in a shadow
Don't know where you are
'Cause yesterday's gone
Dreams carry on
Will you return my way, no
Sing me a sweet, sweet song
Turn out the lights
And my love will burn on and on
Hold me until tomorrow
Dreams in the dark
Dreams in the dark
You pushed me, baby
A little too far
Turned your back on my lovin'
Lick my wounds in the bars
Story's been told
And a lesson is learned
I know where your love lies
And I know where you've gone
'Cause yesterday's gone
Dreams carry on
Will you return my way, no
Baby, I know that you're leavin
It's over, it's over, I know
Now that My heart now is bleedin'
Don't know which way to turn
Run home!
Dreams in the dark

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