Barry Manilow - I Miss You Lyrics

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When I wake up everyday
I miss you
And it never goes away
I miss you
People smile and while
I take and even laugh
I'm not even half the man they knew
Without you
When I'm in our bed each night
And I turn out the light
Oh how I miss you

Little things reminding me about you
Who will I annoy again, if not you?
In my silent room sometimes
I'll close my eyes
And I whisper sweet good-byes
You'll never hear
Esther dear
Fifty years, Ester and Joe
Tell me how could this be so?
Oh how I miss you

Was I there
When you needed me to be there?
Could you see
There wasn't one day
When you weren't my best girl?
Though we both drove each other crazy
I love all the love you gave me
And you where all that mattered
In my world

Everyday I love you more
And miss you
And I wish you knew
That through the darkest night
You are still the light
That helps me find my way
And I pray

One day we will meet again
And all this emptiness will end
And I will kiss you
'Till that day
Though we're apart
I'll hold you close
Here in my heart
But God
I miss you

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