Bel Canto - A Shoulder to the Wheel 歌詞

You're conquered and your blood is pounding
In your ears
But you're doing fine
Find the broken pieces and then start anew
You make yourself believe that you did
Something right
You're denying your only wish
By forgetting your promises
Once and for all

And for ever more
If you finally reach your aim
You will never be able to
Gain back the time you lost between
You're trying hard to reconstruct your image
And you're doing right
But I think that you will always stay like this
When you put your idle shoulder to the wheel

CD 1
  • 1 Intravenous
  • 2 Birds of Passage
  • 3 The Glassmaker
  • 4 A Shoulder to the Wheel
  • 5 Time Without End
  • 6 Oyster
  • 7 Continuum
  • 8 Dewy Fields
  • 9 The Suffering
  • 10 Picnic on the Moon
  • 11 Look 3