Beres Hammond - All I Need Lyrics

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Yeah Yeah Yeah
ooooh ooh ooh

Everyday I see the sunset
On the hilltop across the plains
Feel the summer breeze
Blowing gently across my face
As I think about my life
And all that I've achieved
I don't want to have to worry, no, no, no
'bout the choices I've made in my life, yeah, yeah, yeah
It's hard enough living in this world alone
But I know this road I travelled
Will lead me home

Time is precious
I don't have that much to waste, no, no, no
I must find that someone to make my life complete, yeaah
So when I come home and open up the door, yeeaaah
Everything I live for
Is standing waiting there for me, yeaaah
To give me all the love I need
And that they will never let me down, never, never

As as man, this is all I ever ask for
To have a loving home and a happy family
yes yes yes yes
No I've never been the kind of person to build my hopes
But sometimes it seems like hope is not enough
I pray to God for you
Yeah I pray for you
Oh Oh oh oh
You're all I need in my life

You're all I need
Need in my life
(You're all that I need, oh baby)
To make it by
You're all I need
No one else
No one else
No one else
You're all I need, need in my life
To make it by(it's all I need to get my life together)
And you're all I need
You're all I need
You're all I need, you're all I --
You're all I need
Need in my life to make it by
You're all I need

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