Beres Hammond - Queen And Lady Lyrics

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genres: Reggae
styles: Reggae/Lovers Rock
length: 1:21
Buju: Lady Love! This woman she's like a blessing from above.
Got to let dem know dat.

Beres: Talking about you..
Might as well I tell you about the thoughts that I've been hiding,
a list so long I hardly know where to start (lady love).
Don't be offended if I tell you you're a helluva kind a woman
and you do something special to my heart.
I see you as a queen and a lady, no ifs, no buts, no maybe.
The only thing sweeter than my honeycomb.
Keep up as the same queen and lady,
keep it standing steady, the only thing sweeter than my honeycomb.

Buju: Watch yah,
This man won't stand the every day dissing.
Woman reminiscing whole month she been missing.
Committing di ultimate sin
When a yu mi entrust with safe keeping every single thing.
When mi think yu lef di boy gal yu still deh wid him
sneaking around privately meeting.
Must did tell yu seh di doop is sleeping.
Thru mi love yu so much an mi nuh want do nothing.
I going put yu under manners with sweet discpline.

And now let me tell you what a joy it is to have you
and no two people in the world could be the same. (Lady love).
You provide me with inspiration.
I know I'm in the right direction.
You're always there come sun come ah rain.
See you as a queen and a lady no ifs, no buts, no maybe.
The only thing sweeter than my honeycomb.
keep up as the same queen and lady keep it standing steady,
you're the only thing sweeter than my honeycomb.

Caan watch the finance things nuh all that balance
through the grace of the lord we shall find our bread.
Baby love nuh make the lack of funds get to yuh head
what provide is enough don't have no reason fi beg.
Yu ah my girl now let's move on ahead.
I've got plans for yu, so much we got to do.
Nuh mek nuh man bust yu salad wid no idiot tackle.

Beres: (repeat first verse)

You may be someone else lady before
but yu ah my girl now, my woman now.
Almshouse weh use to gwaan dat caan gwaan no more
cause yu ah my girl now, my woman now. (Repeat)


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    script: Latin