Bette Midler - As Dreams Go By 歌詞

When the white bird flies
From your heart to mine
I surrender every part of me
To the tenderness

Could it be the wine
In your eyes stars shine
And I'm feeling like a child again
Oh, it's taken me a little time
To find words to say

Make this forever
And lay love in my life
Come what may
Cherish each moment of love
As dreams go by

If the first glow fades
From the love we've made
I will hold you closer
In the night
Under heart and key

When there are hills to climb
And your world won't rhyme
I will fight until I get it right
'Cause you're part of me
The heart of me
Only if you'll stay


The trees and the towers are burning
Fear walks on the sea
My soul in the wasteland is yearning
What does tomorrow hold for me

What can I say
Just that I need you
With you here by my side
We can turn even the desert
Evergreen, as dreams go by

CD 1
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  • 2 In This Life
  • 3 Bottomless
  • 4 To Comfort You
  • 5 To Deserve You
  • 6 The Last Time
  • 7 Bed of Roses
  • 8 The Perfect Kiss
  • 9 As Dreams Go By
  • 10 It's Too Late
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