Big Tymers - Big Ballin' Lyrics

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[Manny Fresh]
I told ya ****in' *** I be back
In a brand new Fleetwood Cadillac
License plate say money makin' ***** fa sho
Chillin' by ya boy house kissin' on these hoes
See these broads want stars
Big dicks down in the drows
Seven days a week seven brand new cars
Yeah I done it parkin' GS 300
Check us and front it the Navigator
Garage with the elevator
You not a hata
Then press second floor
So you can see the muth****in' Big Tymers car show
Now on the left side we got the brand new Benz
And on the right side *****es shakin' *** for ends
And in the middle *****s throwin' 20s and 10s
And up top *****s drinkin' juices with gin juices with gin juices with gin

News cars
Pretty broads
Neighborhood superstars
Going far
Goin' to the super bowl
In the hole
And I owe my ***** for frontin' me two kilos
Yellow ice
With new heights
Hoes got my name right
Fame got my mutha****in' game tight
Dirt digga
Hoe go-getta
***** outta line
Playboy I got ten on ya feet
Car shinna
Rim blinda
20 inch rida
***** and you can ride right beside me
***** watcha
Hoe stoppa
VCR tape poppa
Neighborhood naked flick watcha
Border line Hen (hennesey) poppa
Byran is my heart and Pearl is my number one chick
And Ca$h Money Records gone run this nationwide ****
And playa you can believe that ****

Chorus: repeat 4X

Whoa whoa whoa Kemosabe
Big big big ballin' is my hobby

[Manny Fresh]
I see you jockin' Baby 'cause he got a Mercedes
And ya know about his ladies
And all his babies

I know what they like
Them brand new bikes
So we can ride around town like Tina and Ike
I'ma shine till I die *****
We worldwide everybody know Ca$h Money ride or die *****

[Manny Fresh]
Twenty inch wheels is what I roll
And when I pass yo ***** all outta control

Buyin' Lexus Land Cruisers
The 4-7 the big pipe user
Hoe abuser

[Manny Fresh]
Its the project sticker man
Full of liquor man
Ridin' with cha ***** with the tymers playin'

Ballin everyday popin' Dom P bottles
Ball til ya fall is the Ca$h Money motto
Flashy cars
Pretty broads
The word uptown we bought these cars
For girls I bought
Pretty jewels
With new shoes
With tatoos
A Ca$h Money motto do what you gotta do

[Manny Fresh]
Fight who you gotta fight
Shoot who you gotta shoot
Boot who you gotta boot
Do what you gotta do


[Manny Fresh]
Ten years ago a friend of mine
Brought me to uptown second line
Met meatball, nair, anglin mets
Want you do a D.J. in the jets
Bought two trigger mans and brown beat
Now you can pop that ***** in the middle of the street
Best believe next week I'ma be downtown
Point court St. Bernard ***** throwin' down
Then I'm mosy on down cross the kanel
Put up the mic 'cause I got a ****in' story ta tell

Baby: Yous a Ca$h Money ***** say what you still a Ca$h Money *****
Manny: I say lil Lisa
Baby: You still a Ca$h Money ***** say what you still a Ca$h Money *****
Manny: My ***** Baby ya wit me
Baby: Fa sho
Manny: Now bring it to the McMelph Caliope

*****s livin for the Sunday
On the lake bakin cake watchin *****z ridin round with they honey
(Drinkin Daquiri) Hoes packin, white folks actin
Givin tickets ***** for the jackin
*****z feudin, game losin
Lil' told me ta watch these hoes tryin to abuse me
Joe Casey, goin crazy
My homeboy told me to watch these **********in feds
Chilly Chilly actin silly, but cha name killa
Told me he gon' kill him a *****
Suga Slim, all in, game tight
And we just about to start this all night flight

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Big Tymers (intro)
  • 2 Playboy (Don't Hate Me)
  • 3 Big Ballin'
  • 4 Tear It Up
  • 5 Phone Call
  • 6 How U Luv That
  • 7 Cutlass, Monte Carlo's & Regal's
  • 8 Money & Power
  • 9 Millionaire Dreams
  • 10 Beautiful
  • 11 Ballin'
  • 12 Drop It Like It's Hot
  • 13 Top of the Line Nigga
  • 14 Tell Me
  • 15 On Top of the World
  • 16 Suga & Pac, Puff & Big (6 Fig)
  • 17 How Should I Ride
  • 18 Stun'n (remix)