Billie Holiday - Foolin' Myself Lyrics

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I try to keep you out of my heart
But somehow I find
Trying to keep you out of my heart
I'm out of my mind
I tell myself "I'm through with you
And I'll having nothing more to do with you"
I stay away, but every day
I'm just foolin myself

Tell my friends that I don't care
I shrug my shoulders at the whole affair
But all know it isn't so
I'm just foolin myself

And every time I pass
And see my face in a looking glass
I tip my hat and say
"How do you do, you fool
You're trowing your life away"
I'm acting gay
I'm acting proud
And every time I see you in a crowd
I may pretend
But in the end
I'm just fooling myself

Track Listing
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  • 20 More Than You Know

  • Album Information
    script: Latin