Who Sang I've Loved These Days? Billy Joel

Billy Joel Turnstiles cover art
publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Billy Joel
release date: 1976-5-19
length: 4:32
producer: Billy Joel
membranophone: Liberty DeVitto
lead vocals: Billy Joel
mixer: Bruce Botnick
engineer: Lou Waxman and Don Puluse
arranger: Doug Stegmeyer, Billy Joel and Liberty DeVitto
keyboard: Billy Joel
acoustic guitar: James Smith
percussion: James Mingo Lewis
saxophone: Richie Cannata
electric guitar & acoustic guitar: Russell Javors and Howard Emerson
bass guitar: Doug Stegmeyer
orchestrator: Kenny Ascher
composer: Billy Joel
lyricist: Billy Joel
Now we take our time
So nonchalant
And spend our nights
So Bon vivant
We dress our days
In silken robes
The money comes
The money goes
We know it's all a passing phase,

We light our lamps
For atmosphere
And hang our hopes
On chandeliers
We're going long
We're gaining weight
We're sleeping long
And far too late
And so it's times
To change our ways
But I've loved these days.

Now as we indulge
In things refined
We hide our hearts
From harder times
A string of pearls
A foreign car
Oh we can only go so far
On caviar and Cabernay.

We drown our doubts
In dry champagne
And soothe our souls
With fine cocaine
I don't know why I ever care
We'll get so high
And get nowhere
We'll have to change our jaded ways,
But I've loved these days.

So before we end
And then begin
We'll drink a toast to how it's been
A few more hours to be complete
A few more nights on satin sheets
A few more times that I can say,
I've loved these days.

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