Who Sang James? Billy Joel

Billy Joel Turnstiles cover art
publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Billy Joel
release date: 1976-5-19
length: 3:55
producer: Billy Joel
membranophone: Liberty DeVitto
lead vocals: Billy Joel
mixer: Bruce Botnick
engineer: Lou Waxman and Don Puluse
arranger: Doug Stegmeyer, Billy Joel and Liberty DeVitto
keyboard: Billy Joel
acoustic guitar: James Smith
percussion: James Mingo Lewis
saxophone: Richie Cannata
electric guitar & acoustic guitar: Russell Javors and Howard Emerson
bass guitar: Doug Stegmeyer
orchestrator: Kenny Ascher
composer: Billy Joel
lyricist: Billy Joel
James, we were always friends,
From our childhood days
And we made our plans,
And we had to go our separate ways.
I went on the road-
You pursued an education.

James, do you like your life,
Can you find release,
And will you ever change-
Will you ever write your masterpiece.
Are you still in school-
Living up to expectations, James

You were so relied upon, everybody knows how hard you tried-
Hey, just look at what a job you've done,
Carrying the weight of family pride.
James, you've been well behaved,
You've been working so hard
But will you always stay,
Someone else's dream of who you are.
Do what's good for you, or you're not good for anybody, James.

I went on the road,
You pursued an education, James
How you gonna know for sure, everything was so well organized.
Hey, now everything is so secure,
And everybody else is satisfied.

James, do you like your life,
Can you find release
And will you ever change,
When will you write your masterpiece.
Do what's good for you, or you're not good for anybody, James.

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