Billy Stewart - I Do Love You Lyrics

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I do love you, yes I do now
I do love you,yes I do now
I do love you, yes I do now

Oh, I love a you so a right now
Now a my, my, baby yeah,yeah,yeah
Little darlin' I said I love a you so a
Right now
Never, never gonna let, gonna let, gonna let
You go, no, no, no

Pretty little baby said,I want you to try
To understand a that I, that I that I I want
To be your lover man
Aw baby love a me so a
I don't want you to go, no, no, no, no no
Why don't you decide to be
I'll take you all of my dreams now
Oh, I love you, I pray for your love
Woulda come to me a someday
Because I love you so bad now
It's about to drive a me mad girl I said I do,
Love you, I do love you

Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
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