The Mob Rules Lyrics - Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath Mob Rules cover art
publisher: ©T.R.O. INC.
writers: Michael Butler, Ronnie Dio, Tony Iommi
release date: 1981-11-4
genres: Rock
styles: Heavy Metal/Doom Metal
length: 3:16
producer: Martin Birch
vocal: Ronnie James Dio
engineer: Martin Birch
guitar: Tony Iommi
keyboard: Geoff Nicholls
drums (drum set): Vinny Appice
bass guitar: Geezer Butler
arranger: Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Ronnie James Dio
composer: Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi, Ronnie James Dio
lyricist: Ronnie James Dio
Close the city and tell the people that something's coming to call
Death and darkness are rushing forward to take a bite from the wall, oh

You've nothing to say
They're breaking away
If you listen to fools
The Mob Rules
The Mob Rules

Kill the spirit and you'll be blinded, the end is always the same
Play with fire, you burn your fingers and lose your hold of the flame, oh

It's over, it's done
The end is begun
If you listen to fools
The Mob Rules

You've nothing to say
Oh, they're breaking away
If you listen to fools

Break the circle and stop the movement, the wheel is thrown to the ground
Just remember it might start rolling and take you right back around

You're all fools!
The Mob Rules!

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