Blackalicious - Finding 歌詞

Labouring, it's worth it
Gotta keep on pushin'
Gotta keep on scrathin' and hustlin'
And strugglin' on
Do it now 'cause' it ain't that long till' it's gone
Ain't no time like the present to avoid a turn that's wrong
Remember: it ain't a sprint, it's a marathon
Our ancestor's shoulders we stand upon
That's how you know, in your soul, your self-control, you're own strong
Don't get used like a pawn
This is the dawn of a new era
Come, we can chant down Babylon one more time
But it's gonna take some time
And a revolutionary adjustment of the mind, body and soul, spirit in kind
Indeed children of God, seeing life as a continuous process of living and learning and longing and losing with loving and laughing and fillin' the gaps in between
Sure is somethin', isn't it?

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Searching
  • 2 The Fabulous Ones
  • 3 Do This My Way
  • 4 Deception
  • 5 Put It on the Plate
  • 6 A to G
  • 7 Cliff Hanger
  • 8 Nation Time
  • 9 Shallow Days
  • 10 Ego Trip by Nikki Giovanni
  • 11 You Didn't Know That Though
  • 12 If I May
  • 13 Dream Seasons
    12" Vinyl 2
  • 1 We Build
  • 2 Trouble (Eve of Destruction)
  • 3 Smithzonian Institute of Rhyme
  • 4 Beyonder
  • 5 Our (interlude)
  • 6 Making Progress
  • 7 As the World Turns
  • 8 Sleep
  • 9 Finding