A New Culture Is Born Lyrics - Blank & Jones

Blank & Jones DJ Culture cover art
publisher: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
writers: Andreas Kaufhold, Dieter Meier, Piet Blank, Rene Runge
release date: 2000-5-8
length: 3:18
vocal: Dieter Meier
Are you ready?
Are you ready now?

In the world of machines
- virtual machines -
Dominated by software
Everything is cold
Cold as ice.

The quintessential synthesis of silence
A vibrating galaxy
An invisible spectrum of waves
And hidden behind a gigantic
Shadow of alpha centauris
Signs of galertic light
And life

Figures finding form

Dance culture
A manifesto of cult
Dj cult

Blank and jones
The druids of rave
Warm – suddenly warm
Dancing molecular structures creating human bodies
Awakening human minds
Silent suns turning purple
Blank and jones

A pulsating universe beyond time and space
The perception of sound – human forms
And then

Eyes wide open drinking from the light of rave
A new culture is born
Dj culture

Move your body
Find yourself

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CD 1
  • 1 A New Culture Is Born
  • 2 The Nightfly
  • 3 La Luna
  • 4 DJ Culture
  • 5 Sundowner
  • 6 Sound of Machines
  • 7 The Blue Sky
  • 8 Waste Your Youth
  • 9 Mindcrasher
  • 10 The Nightfly (break reprise)
  • 11 The Blue Sky (short)
  • 12 DJ Culture (short)
  • 13 The Nightfly (short)
  • 14 Sound of Machines (short)