Who Sang Mind of the Wonderful? Blank & Jones

Blank & Jones Monument cover art
release date: 2004-3-22
length: 9:18
guest lead vocals: Elles de Graaf
composer: Piet Blank, Jaspa Jones, Andy Kaufhold
lyricist: Adrian Broekhuyse, Raz Nitzan

Like a ghost that came from an old beginning
you heated up a freezing destiny
but I told myself I had a change to live a better life by loving someone new
I miss the mind of the wonderful
I let the icy thoughts run through me cold
and no one knows
I keep the pain of a broken soul
wounds that just won't heal and no one knows
not even you!
We had a love, a future - we are honest
but my truth held so many little lies
Can't turn the page, can't rerrange
It's written in the sand and tide is moving in.
Cold is the night
Cold are my hands
Cold as my heart
Thanks to thudord

CD 1
  • 1 Monument
  • 2 What You Need
  • 3 City of Angels
  • 4 Mind of the Wonderful
  • 5 Zero Gravity
  • 6 A Forest
  • 7 Stars Shine Bright
  • 8 Perfect Silence
  • 9 Flowtation
  • 10 Waiting for the Light
  • 11 Urban Hymn
  • 12 That’s Right
    CD 2
  • 1 A Forest (Ron Van Den Beuken & Exor remix / B&J vocalised edit)
  • 2 Zero Gravity (Envio remix)
  • 3 Mind of the Wonderful (Martin Roth remix)
  • 4 Waiting for the Light (Kyau vs. Albert remix)
  • 5 Flowtation (Duderstadt remix)