Bliss n Eso - Addicted Lyrics

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I was born in the 80's with that summer time love
Then changed the whole game like what have I done
At the gutter I come to touch the bright sun
And from the highest heights
Mother ****er I jump

Free in the sky I believe I can fly
There no telling what there selling
When there's sheep in the sky
Keep this is mind I keep all my crimes
I do it when I wanna do it

Explosive ferocious get up and down that's show biz
Power to the people that have freedom in their focus
I hope this helps you when your under the thumb
Feel like nothing can save you
When feel like jumping the gun
Stop relax and remember even in the first weather
You'll find a way cross there be brighter days honest
So get up get down get something that's on the real world
Forget what you been taught and show these people how you feel like

Who are you to tell me how to live my life (my life)
'Cause I won't give this up
These are my shoes my view my cue
To say I do give a ****
Everyday it's a moment I will be alright
'Cause everyday's another chance to ignite

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Never Land
  • 2 Flying Through the City
  • 3 Addicted
  • 4 Down by the River
  • 5 The Moses Twist
  • 6 Art House Audio
  • 7 Family Affair
  • 8 Reflections
  • 9 Coastal Kids
  • 10 People Up on It
  • 11 Caught at the Pub
  • 12 Where the Wild Things Are
  • 13 The Children of the Night
  • 14 Smoke Like a Fire
  • 15 Re-debating Reality
  • 16 Late on Night
  • 17 I Can
  • 18 Weightless Wings
  • 19 Golden Years