Who Sang Motorized Homicide? Blitzkid

Blitzkid Let Flowers Die cover art
release date: 2006-5-30
genres: Rock
styles: Psychobilly/Punk
length: 1:14
See the horror in our eyes
Throw the virus into machines
7 days to stay alive
Can the people all survive,
Mechanic killing sprees?

Go! Comet falling down
Go! Death is all around
Go! Listen closely to the sound-

Goblin-faced, brutal steel,
Possessed, ready to kill.
No one here can be safe.
Lock your door shut off your lights,
Don’t you go step outside,
Machines will slash a-up your face.

(chorus x2)

CD 1
  • 1 Nosferatu
  • 2 Candyman
  • 3 Hellraiser
  • 4 The Pumpkinpatch Murders
  • 5 These Walls
  • 6 Dying Day
  • 7 Reanimated
  • 8 The Fog
  • 9 Among The Dead
  • 10 Motel Hell
  • 11 Myers Ten Thirty One
  • 12 Motorized Homicide