Blitzkid - She Dominates Lyrics

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Seduction places me in line, revealed to a submissive side.
A crack of her whip is fine, latex rubber and blind eyes
Cat o' nine tails breaks me down, her discipline is so profound
Scars and cuts keep me around, tied up or tied down as
long as I am bound...Just as long as I am bound.

Place me in your sense of care, I'd do all for you, anywhere...
You are the master I am the slave, willing to be your depraved
Servant to your ev'ry whim, let this fetish slow begin
Take control let this be done, you rule this moment what may come.
I like this thing I am whenever you are near
There is no resistence here
She dominates-I need some pleasure with my pain
She dominates-Abuse me in leather whips and chains
She dominates-Reduce me to a pleading cry, break the
skin and tantalize
I need some pleasure with my pain-she dominates...
(repeat 1st verse)
(repeat chorus)

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