Who Sang These Walls? Blitzkid

Blitzkid Let Flowers Die cover art
release date: 2006-5-30
genres: Rock
styles: Psychobilly/Punk
length: 1:55
Eerie croons seep into this room
Oh my God, its been so long.
It was an accident
I swear it was an accident
Why wont she just leave me alone?

She's coming for revenge,
She's coming for revenge.

Avenge me from inside these walls
Avenge me from walls so bare
Avenge me from inside these walls
Avenge me for putting you there.

It started out
Like any given night.
An argument, a cut, and now she's gone
I put her in the wall
Right behind the stereo
But it just won't drown out her sounds.

She's coming for revenge, yeah.
She's coming for revenge...

(repeat chorus)


CD 1
  • 1 Nosferatu
  • 2 Candyman
  • 3 Hellraiser
  • 4 The Pumpkinpatch Murders
  • 5 These Walls
  • 6 Dying Day
  • 7 Reanimated
  • 8 The Fog
  • 9 Among The Dead
  • 10 Motel Hell
  • 11 Myers Ten Thirty One
  • 12 Motorized Homicide