Who Sang Accidents Never Happen? Blondie

Blondie Eat to the Beat cover art
writers: James Destri
release date: 1979-10-13
genres: Electronic Rock Reggae
styles: New Wave/Pop Rock/Synth-pop
length: 4:15
producer: Mike Chapman
lead vocals: Deborah Harry
engineer: Peter Coleman and David Tickle
background vocals: Lorna Luft
guitar: Chris Stein and Frank Infante
keyboard: Jimmy Destri
drums (drum set): Clem Burke
bass guitar: Nigel Harrison
composer: Jimmy Destri
lyricist: Jimmy Destri
No I don't believe in luck
No I don't believe in circumstance no more
Accidents never happen in a perfect world
So I won't believe in luck
I saw you walking in the dark
So I slipped behind your footsteps for a while

Caught you turning 'round the block
Fancy meeting in a smaller world
After all accidents never happen
Could have planned it all
Precognition in my ears
Accidents never happen in a perfect world
Complications disappear

Now you love me
I yeah I can tell
I never lied
I never cried
And you, you knew so well
Like the Magi on the hill
I can divinate your presence from afar
And I'll follow you until
I can bring you to a perfect world
Accidents never happen in a perfect world
Accidents never happen

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