Who Sang Victor? Blondie

Blondie Eat to the Beat cover art
writers: Deborah Harry, Frank Infante
release date: 1979-10-13
genres: Electronic Rock Reggae
styles: New Wave/Pop Rock/Synth-pop
length: 3:19
producer: Mike Chapman
lead vocals: Deborah Harry
guest background vocals: Mike Chapman
engineer: David Tickle and Peter Coleman
background vocals: Jimmy Destri and Frank Infante
guitar: Chris Stein and Frank Infante
keyboard: Jimmy Destri
drums (drum set): Clem Burke
bass guitar: Nigel Harrison
writer: Deborah Harry, Frank Infante
Oh I don't want you to go!
Oh please don't leave me alone!
No I don't want you to go!
Oh please don't leave me alone!

Dear Annett
Soon I'll be with you before they know before the show
I'm not a whore I dance no more I'll be with you across the border
Dearest Anastasia I'm leaving soon

I'm sorry too but burn this letter Burn my picture
They won't know I've crossed the border
Love Victor

Oh I don't want you to go!
Oh don't leave me alone!

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Dreaming
  • 2 The Hardest Part
  • 3 Union City Blue
  • 4 Shayla
  • 5 Eat to the Beat
  • 6 Accidents Never Happen
  • 7 Die Young Stay Pretty
  • 8 Slow Motion
  • 9 Atomic
  • 10 Sound-A-Sleep
  • 11 Victor
  • 12 Living in the Real World