I Could Never Be That Man Lyrics - Blue Rodeo

Blue Rodeo Tremolo cover art
release date: 1997
genres: Rock Folk, World, & Country
styles: Country Rock
length: 3:08
producer: John Whynot and Blue Rodeo
recording engineer: John Whynot
guitar: John Whynot
writer: Jim Cuddy, Greg Keelor
Can't give my trust too fast
I've pulled myself out of the wreck
Too many times
To think that words can last

You need someone to help you
When you're down
Pick you like a pearl from the sand
Somebody who is devoted to you
Right beside you when you take a stand
I could never be that man

You have a special shrine in your room
Pictures of lovers on the wall
I loved to lie there and look into their eyes
So confident before you let them fall

Will you tell me please
How you get them off their knees
Twirling round you fast as they can
How did you know
That it worries me so
Not the ones who fall the ones who stand
Oh I could never be that man

I still remember that time in my life
When I was sinking so low
You stayed with me all through the night
Sang me some songs you know

Now as time goes on
I wonder what went wrong
Didn't I fit into your little plan
Couldn't I be the one
You lay your troubles on
Walk you to the edge and hold your hand
Pick you like a pearl from the sand
I'll open every doorway that I can
Oh I could never be that man

CD 1
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  • 2 Shed My Skin
  • 3 No Miracle, No Dazzle
  • 4 Falling Down Blue
  • 5 I Could Never Be That Man
  • 6 Beautiful Blue
  • 7 Fallen From Grace
  • 8 Me & Baz
  • 9 Disappear
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  • 11 Dragging On
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