Blur - Best Days 歌詞

Bow bells say goodbye to the last train
Over the river they all go again
Out into leafy nowhere hope someone
Waiting out there for them
Cabbie has his mind on a fare to the sun
He works nights but it's not much fun
Picks up the London yo-yo's, all on their own down Soho
Please take me home

Other people wouldn't want to hear you
If you said that these are the best days of their lives
Other people would turn around an d laugh at you
If you said that these were the best days of our lives

Trellick Tower's been calling
I know she'll leave me in the morning

In hotel cells listening to dial tones
Remote controls and cable moans
In his drink he's been talking
Gets disconnected sleepwalking back home

CD 1
  • 1 Stereotypes
  • 2 Country House
  • 3 Best Days
  • 4 Charmless Man
  • 5 Fade Away
  • 6 Top Man
  • 7 The Universal
  • 8 Mr Robinson's Quango
  • 9 He Thought of Cars
  • 10 It Could Be You
  • 11 Ernold Same
  • 12 Globe Alone
  • 13 Dan Abnormal
  • 14 Entertain Me
  • 15 Yuko and Hiro
  • 16 Ultranol
  • 17 No Monsters in Me