Bo Diddley - Oh Yea Lyrics

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Oh Yea Trk 23 Disc 2 3:10
(Ellas McDaniel)
Bo Diddley
Bo Diddley - vocal & guitar, Willie Dixon - bass
Clifton James or Frank Kirkland - drums
Jerome Greene - maracas & vocal, Lafayette Leake - piano.
Recorded December 1958, NYC, originally Checker #914.
Album: Bo Diddley 'I'm A Man - The Chess Masters 1955-1958'
B0009231-02 Hipo Select (Geffen) 2007

I've got a little woman
She ain't very tall
She says she loves me
Me, best of all

She's my woman
All in all
She's my lover
And she's my ball

I roll around
I have a lot of fun
She always whispers to me, softly
Said, 'Bo Diddley, you the one'

Oh, yea
Oh, yea
Oh, yea
Sho' nuff'

I hold her in my arms
And I kiss her real gentle
She says, 'Mmm, my'
I'm feelin' real red hot'

Take it easy, baby
Yo' temperature runnin' hot!
You gon' stagger after me, wonderin'
A-baby, what you gots

You my ball
You my rubber ball

Whoa, yea
Whoa, yea
Whoa, yea
Oh, yea

I picked up the telephone
And called her pa at home
He said, 'Hey, little boy'
'You better let my daughter alone'

I says, 'Oh, yea'
He says, Oh, yea'
I says, 'Um-hmm'
He says, 'You know, yea'

Her mother got mad
And started to jump 'n shout
They started to run down there
And have the cops to carry me out

I says, 'Oh, yea'
She says, 'Um-hmm'
I says, 'Oh, yea'
Her pop says, 'Sho nuff'

I says, 'But I love her'
I love her
I love her
I love her

I love her
I love her.


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    script: Latin